21 septembrie 2019 – Budapesta

Dear friends, watch more events for the King Promotion team! In the dates of 21th of September, we will participate, through our athletes, Cezar Juratoni and Daniel Buciuc, at a gala organized in Budapest by our friend Felix Racz.

Cezar Juratoni, will be boxing, in the Cruiserweight category, with a Bosnian boxer, and Daniel Buciuc will cross the gloves, the Welterweight category, with a boxer from Georgia.

The most important event will be held on October 11th in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There, Viorel Simion, will be able to have a return in the international box, at the Super Featherweight category. He will be boxing for the IBF European title in this category with Northern irish boxer Marco McCullough. It will be a difficult fight for our athlete, considering that he will box on the opponent’s field, but we do trust Viorel will give everything in the ring for a victory.

Let’s hold the fists tight to the Romanian boxers!


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